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Thermal Card Printer RWC-004

RWC-004 has two functions both "rewritable printing" and "thermal printing". In case of rewritable printing,while heat-erasing of the characters printed by the thermal head and also during heat-writing of the characters by the thermal head, Each heat-element of the thermal head can always measure the temperature at that time in on-time. The Intelligent Thermal Technology (IT technology) always adopt most suitable heat energy during printing to the card.



RWC-004 is the rewritable card printer which had the function of erasing/writing and a QR cord reading scanner built-in by command control of a host computer.


  • Our thermister thermal head can erase and write the characters at once by single thermal head.
  • The heater roller is not necessary for erasing the characters printed.
  • Small power source, non heater roller, high space utility
  • nformation management of client by QR code
  • Stable printing without the influence of environment temperature
  • Effective utilization of the back side of the card
  • Repeatable erasing/writing are approx.1,000 times.

Continuous tone printing is available for various application.

These cards are the samples of rewitable printing.

These cards are the samples of rewitable printing.

The backside of the card is the rewritable printing surface.

These cards are the samples of offset printing.

These cards are the samples of offset printing.

These cards are the samples of offset printing.

Rewritable Media

  • It is hard to break, supple and user-friendly.
  • Clear character quality by suitable heating printing
  • It writes and changes by always supplying necessary minimum energy and losing the "roughness" on the surface of media, and the number of times is raised sharply.
  • The small basis material of environmental load is used at the time of abandonment.
  • The paper of high durability which cannot be easily influenced of water, oil, medicine, etc.

Printing Quality

  • Highly precise temperature and energy control realize highly precise character quality
  • High concentration black coloring with the printed readable text

These cards are the samples of offset printing.



power source AC100V(50Hz/60Hz)
interface USB Ver.1.1/2.0
resolution 300dpi
Memory 4MB, Static RAM  256KBx16
card type leuco dye  rewrite card (PET/PVC)
Thermal card  (PET/paper)
card thickness
size (W)127×(D)140×(H)117
approx. 2.0kg
power consumption max.124W (standby 6W)
environment operation 5-40゚C、20-80%RH
storage -20-60゚C、15-90%RH

※All specifications are subject to change without advance  notice.