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Rewritable A4 printer

information card printer for production planning and control

Rewritable A4 printer RWI-001

Cyber Imaging takes the guess work out of thermal printing by introducing a vastly improved, affordable printhead system. This new Intelligent Thermal Technology thermal print-head system offers accurate high-speed temperature control without producing extra heat. Its petented feedback circuitry defects temperature in real time and is able to keep a precise temperature level regardless of outside factors. Even with a fast through-put rate, the Intelligent Thermal Technology printhead is energy efficient, It can handle full bleed and edge-to edge printing without over-haeting the unapplied elements.



RWI-001 is the information-card printer which has the function to erase and to print the information of character and a two-dimensional bar code by command control from host computer.


  • Erasing and printing are simultaneously carried out by the single thermal head.
  • Heater roller for character erasing isn't need.
  • The miniaturization of a power supply
  • The above-mentioned feature realizes miniaturization of equipment, lightweight-izing, and low-pricing.
  • Stable printing which is not influenced by environmental temperature, such as high temperature and low temperature.
  • Operation in a narrow space is also enabled.
  • A4 of the maximum printing size is printed for high speed in 8 seconds.
  • Rewritable prints are available about 1,000 times .
  • 50 sheets can be stocked in a paper stocker.

Rewritable Media

  • It is hard to break, supple and user-friendly.
  • Clear character quality by suitable heating printing
  • It writes and changes by always supplying necessary minimum energy and losing the "roughness" on the surface of media, and the number of times is raised sharply.
  • The small basis material of environmental load is used at the time of abandonment.
  • The paper of high durability which cannot be easily influenced of water, oil, medicine, etc.

Printing Quality

  • Highly precise temperature and energy control realize highly precise character quality
  • High concentration black coloring with the printed readable text

Rewritable A4 printer RWI-001

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power sourceAC100V(50Hz/60Hz)
interfaceUSB Ver.1.1/2.0
card typeleuco dye (black color)
base stockPET(125μ)
weightapprox. 6.0kg
environmentoperation 5-40゚C、20-80%RH
storage -20-60゚C、15-90%RH
otherscable length approx.1.6m
2P plugs
USB cable 2m

This research is supported by the joint research program of technological development in the private sector of Kyoto protocol to the United Nations framework convention of climate of Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE).