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Fingerprint scanning

Fingerprint Thermal Scanning

Innovative Application of Thermal Head

Cyber Imaging takes the guess work out of thermal printing by introducing a vastly improved, affordable printhead system. This new Intelligent Thermal Technology thermal print-head system offers accurate high-speed temperature control without producing extra heat. Its patented feedback circuitry defects temperature in real time and is able to keep a precise temperature level regardless of outside factors. Even with a fast through-put rate, the Intelligent Thermal Technology printhead is energy efficient, It can handle full bleed and edge-to edge printing without over-haeting the unapplied elements.



Intelligent Thermal Technology (IT) is used not only for "output device" but also for "input device". One application for "input device" is showed by the pictures of the fingerprint on the lower side.


  • Each heat element on the thermal head can measure the temperature difference of the uneven surface on the fingerprint with heating.
  • Each heat element of IT thermal head is not only a hearter but also a temperature sensor.
  • Smooth moving of thermal head appropriately catches and reads the fingerprint.

Intelligent Thermal Technology

In order to perform addition energy feedback control which measures the energy at the time of heating by the thermal head. measurement is carried out for the temperature of each dot white a thermal head prints one line more than ten times. When it becomes a target addition energy value based on the result, the method of stopping heating is taken. The temperature measurement and heating control in every dot were attained by this, and large energy-saving printing and stable printing quality were realized.


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