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Photo kiosk printer

High Speed Dye-Sub Printer on Board

Digital Photo Kiosk Printer EvePhoto

Our new Intelligent Thermal Technology thermal print-head system offers accurate high-speed temperature control without producing extra heat. Its patented feedback circuitry controls temperature in real time and is able to keep a precise temperature level regardless of outside factors.

Digital photo kiosk printer EvePhoto is supported by such high stable, high reliability, high quality technology. EvePhoto is easy operation and high performance digital photo kiosk printer. You can have fun during making prints.



EvePhoto is high speed color printer of dye sublimation method adopted with our original technology, which is "Intelligent Thermal Technology"

Feature of Intelligent Thermal Technology

  • Frame sequential method of YMC ribbons and OP film
  • High speed printing with low energy and high efficiency
  • Power source of compact size based on low voltage printing
  • No influenced stable printing with environment change
  • Continuous printing by necessary minimum energy without overheat

Function of EvePhoto

  • Printing of image data transfered from many memory cards and memory discs XD Card, Mini SD, SD Card, Multimedia Card,Smart Media,Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick ProDuo, Compact Flash, Micro Media, USB drive Infra-Red, Bluetooth, CD-R/DVD-R drive
  • 多Supported foreign languages
    English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Netherlandic, Slovene, Korean, Thai
  • Various format prints available
    Normal print, decorated print, multi-print, multi-decorated print and ID photo print available
  • Other characteristics
    ・Original receipt printer on board
    ・Bundle payment at cashier by remote control operation
    ・Easy operation supported by voice guidance easily understandable for biginner

Digital Photo Kiosk Printer EvePhoto



power source AC100V-240V(50Hz/60Hz)
interface USB Ver.1.1/2.0
printing method frame sequential method of dye sublimation
thermal head thermister thermal head
resolution 300dpi
heat control integral energy control by feedback control circuit
transfer film YMC ribbons、OP film
receiving paper special receiver paper(200μ)
outer size (W)54×(D)60×(H)144
weight approx.120kg
environment operation 5-40゚C、20-80%RH
strage -20-60゚C、15-90%RH

※All specifications are subject to change without advance  notice.