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President Itaru Fukushima

We, Japanese, are now facing deflationary business slump. In restoring favorable business conditions, Japan, as a nation that has developed through its technological efforts, has no alternative but to achieve a technological breakthrough and promote an industry utilizing such a breakthrough.

We have devoted our efforts for more than twenty years to the development of thermal feedback technology, a real breakthrough as a new thermal printer system. This is the first printer system that incorporates a modern automatic control theory. At now, with its high definition, high speed, high reliability, and cost-effectiveness (high energy-saving and low running cost) of printing, the thermal printer system is likely to reach a level beyond not only the thermal head system, but also the other color systems such as the ink-jet system.

We have proposed four businesses using this new technology and successfully raised commercialization funds of more than two times the target figure from two governmental organizations, two leading companies, and four investing firms. So we are now launching into the printer industry.

For this purpose, we are recruiting personnel who are eager to develop, manufacture, and sell products with us.
We are also desirous of collaborating with companies that are interested in incubating our company and developing businesses with us.

We would appreciate your interest in our future activities and in providing support for us.

President Itaru Fukushima