What is thermal head?

The thermal head is used as a printer head in various applications.
Familiar examples of those applications include receipts that are issued when you purchase something at convenience stores and supermarkets; facsimile; sublimatic transfer print (e.g., "Purikura" or a instant photo machine to make tiny stickers); various kinds of reward cards; railroad tickets; and IC card.

The thermal head and its printing control technology we have recently developed is a unique one in the world, which owes its success to a concept that is completely different from that of the conventional thermal head and its printing control.

Problems with conventional thermal technology

  • The temperatures of individual heater elements for the thermal head cannot be detected directly.
  • This makes the print quality instable and causes it to be affected by various factors (e.g., ambient temperature, printing efficiency/print pattern, and service life of print head).
  • The print control is not accurately performed, causing overheating, shorter service life of the print head, and limited print speed, i.e., coolingtime is required.
  • The algorithm for print control is complicated, requiring long lead-time for development, long processing time, and high costs for the controller.
  • The electric power for heat consumption is so large that it affects cost-effectiveness and the service life of the print head.