The charactaristics of ITT

Intelligent Thermal Technology

In order to perform addition energy feedback control which measures the energy at the time of heating by the thermal head, measurement is carried out for the temperature of each dot while a thermal head prints one line more than ten times.

When it becomes a target addition energy value based on the result, the method of stopping heating is taken. The temperature measurement and heating control in every dot were attained by this, and large energy-saving printing and stable printing quality were realized.

Technical Information (PDF)

High-speed printing

  • The temperature of each heater element is accurately measured and then directly controlled.
  • In order to accurately achieve a desired temperature, continuous feedback control is performed during printing.
  • High-speed feedback control ensures that a desired temperature is reached quickly.

High energy-efficiency

  • High-precision print control improves the total energy efficiency.
  • The energy required to reach a desired temperature is minimized.

High reliability

  • Longer service life of the print head (with prevention of burn resulting from overheating)
  • Printable to edges of a medium without damaging the print head (allowing borderless printing)

High image quality

  • High linearity (dot quality/size vs. feed accuracy)
  • Stable, accurate print regardless of environmental conditions

Low running cost

  • No complicated control is required. --> Development lead-time can be shortened and the development resources are saved.